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LDStorymakers Writing Conference May 12, 2014

 I just returned from the best weekend! I was at an amazing conference – LDStorymakers.

I learned so much – I will be sharing some things in the coming weeks- and had a great time hanging out with other crazy people that love writing!

Publication Primer Group

 This is my ‘Publication Primer’ group. It is a type of intensive critique group with a published author as a mentor. We lucked out and had two wonderful author/instructors: Renee Collins and Tyler Jolley. I had a great time meeting the other writers in my group and reading the beginnings to their stories. 




Yay for writing buddies! These are some of the amazing people I have met through the chatroom. We meet in there and brainstorm, chat, or sprint (set a time limit and see how much writing/editing/whatever we can finish in that time and then check back in). It was really fun to hang out with them in person. 

It is also one of the very few pictures I took at the conference. I always think ‘Oh, I will get my picture taken with the authors that I fangirl’ and then I get there and don’t even ask for a photo while they sign my books. Maybe someday I will remember/dare pull out the camera :D.


One thing I always do at these conferences. . . buy books. Seriously. I saved my Christmas monies.

To give you an idea of my. . . problem (I don’t have a problem!):

This is a picture of my ‘to read’ bookcase in my room. Keep in mind that it only shows the front layer, there is another set of books behind the ones you can see. That doesn’t count the pile in the library I still need to read either, or the ebooks. *sigh*

To read

So, what do I do?


new shiny books

I bring home a literal bag of new (signed!) books.

They followed me home! Honest 🙂

But really, how can you resist a new book? What I need now, is time to read!


What books/movies/hobbies do you like to look forward to?




It’s Alive! September 15, 2013

First Chapter Contest _ LUW

Hi!  It is beyond time for a revival of the blog.

While I haven’t been posting, I have been reading and writing. I don’t believe I will post the list of all the books I’ve read in the meantime. You don’t have all day, do you?

I have found a couple fabulous new resources for my writing.

The first: I joined the League of Utah Writers. My chapter, Utah Valley Writers, is amazing. It has been great to meet with them to do critiques and the instructional presentations they have. I learn so much from everyone’s input on all the critiques (beyond just on my own writing.)

The second: iWriteNetwork . Not only are there great, instructional posts and great conferences, but the coolest thing is the chat room. At any time of the day you can find other authors there to brainstorm with, ask questions, or – my favorite – sprint. When we sprint, we will set a time (say, thirty minutes) and then everyone works on their projects and when time is up, we come back to report. It can be words written, pages edited, research done, outlines done, whatever we need to be working on. Sprinting helps someone like me who is , ummm attention impaired.

The best thing?

The amazing people I have met through both places. There are wonderful, supportive, good people out there.

The update:

I am still working two jobs, still have five kids, still bordering on insane, but I am also still writing and it is a good thing. I have my first book, which is finished but needs editing. I am working on my current book and am about halfway through the first draft. I entered the yearly contest with the League of Utah Writers, the first chapter division. I was totally caught off-guard when I won an honorable mention for the first chapter of my first story. I guess I won’t shelve it completely just yet. I am still grinning (see above picture for proof) and I am grateful for my family and friends and all their support!


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