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Lessons Learned in a Slot Canyon April 14, 2014

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This is what exhausted looks like. With a hat.


This weekend I was able to hike a slot canyon (two actually).

This is one of those ‘bucket list’ type things for me. I have always been fascinated by the canyons but have never had the opportunity to try them.

We went to Ding and Dang canyons. They are in the San Rafael Swell area in Utah. Not too far from Goblin Valley. 

What? You haven’t heard of Goblin Valley? – You really need to watch Galaxy Quest. Besides being really funny, there is a scene on an alien planet with a rock monster. The amazing rock formations they are running through are Goblin Valley. Anyway. . .

There were a few things I learned — “life lessons” I’m going to call them– while on this trip through these canyons. 


#1: If you are out of shape, slow and steady does NOT win the race. Slow and steady makes you dead tired. 

Each time I would catch up to the rest of the (more athletically-inclined) group at the rest spot, it was time to move on. *sigh*. 

BUT, while it doesn’t win the race, it does finish it. One step at a time.IMG_0163_adj




#2: Sometimes, what may seem like the easiest way down can get you really, really stuck.

It is sometimes tempting to take that easier path that slopes to the right. The path that looks smooth and gentle. However, when you scrabble down the pile of rocks in front of you, you can see where that ‘easy’ path really goes. It goes to a giant pile of boulders that don’t have a way out. 

Sometimes the easy way out – just isn’t. 




#3 Some obstacles will take a group effort to get through.

Seriously. Sometimes we can help.  Sometimes we need to accept help.














 #4 I can do really hard things. 



 Honestly. Really really hard things. Like – go on without me I will just die right here- hard things.

This last image? It is hard to get the scale to it. But, when I stood in the water at the far end (right underneath what is appropriately called a chokestone) the water went to the middle of my thighs. Oh sure, there were people in our group that could totally spider crawl across this whole thing. They didn’t get wet. But you know– I was pretty proud I made it through.

I am also super grateful to all of those who went with us and made sure we all made it. Thanks!


Seriously. You can’t even imagine the crazy.


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