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Author Interview: Lindzee Armstrong, MISS MATCH May 8, 2015

I have a fun author interview today with Lindzee Armstrong. She is celebrating the release of her latest book (a contemporary romance), Miss Match. But, before we get to the interview, a little about the book!

MISS MATCH is finally here! I’m so excited to share the rest of Brooke and Luke’s story with the world. To celebrate, it’s on sale for $0.99 this week only. Sale ends May 10th!


Billionaire CEO Luke Ryder doesn’t want to hire his best friend, Brooke, as his matchmaker. Not when he’s been in love with her for eight years. Too bad she doesn’t see him as relationship material and is engaged to another man. If the matchmaking company she works for closes, Brooke is out of a job, and Luke is out a best friend. There will be nothing stopping her from moving to Italy with her fiancé. And Luke isn’t about to let that happen.

Brooke’s dream career may be crumbling, and she will do anything to keep Toujour in the black. Even recruit Luke, America’s favorite bachelor, as her next client. Surely his perfect smile and swollen bank account will send clients swarming to their doors. But when matching up Luke works a little too well, Brooke wonders if she’s with the right man. Maybe she should finally forget Luke’s playboy image and admit he’s changed. All Brooke has to decide is if she’s willing to risk her heart.
Because I’m so excited about this book–and to celebrate Mother’s Day–the short prequel novella, Meet Your Match, will be FREE on kindle from May 6th – May 10th. So you can get both the novella and novel for less than a dollar, this week only! Get your copies before the prices go up! And I hope you enjoy Brooke and Luke’s story.

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Now, for our interview!Lindzee Armstrong

(Sticking with questions using the letters from the book title)

Miss Match:

M is for Matchmaking: What drew you to, or gave you the idea of a matchmaking agency?

A few years ago, I saw this commercial for a reality television show about matchmakers. That’s where my initial idea was sparked. I watched the show, and really wasn’t impressed. I thought “I can come up with something way better than this!” and started working more and more on my idea. The show was canceled after only a few episodes, and I don’t even remember the name of it. But I’m glad it was around for a little while or I might never have written this book!

A is for Advice: What life advice would each of your main characters give someone?

I think Brooke’s life advice would be “learn to trust others, even if you get hurt.” Luke’s life advice would be “don’t let fear stop you from making the right choices and decisions.”

T is for Trials: Without spoilers, what do you think you characters have learned through the trails they have gone through?

It’s tied closely to their advice, I think. Brooke learns to trust others, especially men, and to not let her past affect her future. Luke learns that some things are worth taking risks and fighting for.

C is for Continuing: Will this be a continuing series? What will be your ‘continuing’ works (next books)?

Yes! There’s already a prequel novella to the series, Meet Your Match. It tells the story of how Brooke and Luke meet in high school, and can be read before or after Miss Match.

The No Match For Love series will continue for at least two more books, but I’m guessing many more. Book two is tentatively titled Objectionably Matched and will overlap the timeline of Miss Match. That’s Andi’s story. And Book three is Not Your Match, and will be Zoey’s story. It’ll take place a year or so after Miss Match. I’m also hoping to write a few more novellas for this series. The possibilities for this series are really endless! I’ll keep writing on it until I run out of stories to tell.

H is for Hobbies: What are your favorite hobbies?

Wow, hobbies…what are those? 😉 Writing and reading used to be my hobbies, but now they’re my job, and between work and family there isn’t time for much else. But I am a total TV junkie. I love reality TV, dramas, comedies…anything with really compelling characters and an interesting plot. I also enjoy playing the piano, although I rarely have time for that. And I LOVE to travel. We traveled a lot while I was growing up, and my husband and I are doing our best to give our children those same experiences.

Thank you, Lindzee, for visiting with us today! I loved this book (and the prequel novella!). I will be looking forward to the other books in the series too. 🙂



Wonhundred Word Wednesday: “What do you mean, you lost the lottery ticket?” November 5, 2014

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Since this month I should be writing an entire novel (NaNoWriMo) I chose to do this prompt as a character study for my work in progress. The prompt was: “What do you mean, you lost the lottery ticket?”

November 5

            “What?” Her voice through the phone pierced Jaron’s skull. Katerina’s pitch climbed as she continued, “What do you mean, you lost the lottery ticket? You’re such an idiot. Always messing things up. Typical—“

            “Katerina.” Jaron smiled a little at the garbled choking sound from her shock at being interrupted. “I’m not sure why you called. You chose to remove yourself from my life long ago. And I said I felt like I just lost the lottery. A woman that brilliant, vivacious, and beautiful doesn’t come along often.”

            “Aww, you still can’t get over me?”

            “I wasn’t talking about you.”


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Book Feature: SECOND DAUGHTER by Susan Kaye Quinn (with a giveaway) July 7, 2014

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I am so excited for this book. I read the first book (Third Daughter) and loved it! (I mean, really– steampunk, flavor of India, adventure, romance– what’s not to love?) So I have been waiting for this next book to come out. AND the first book is on sale for only $.99 until the 21st. What are you waiting for? 😀


Second Daughter (The Dharian Affairs #2)Assassins, skyships, and royal intrigue… Kindle, Kobo, AllRomance

Second Daughter is the second book in The Dharian Affairs trilogy (Third Daughter, Second Daughter, First Daughter). This steampunk-goes-to-Bollywood (Bollypunk!) romance takes place in an east-Indian-flavored alternate world filled with skyships, assassins, royal romance and intrigue.

Reviews of the first book, Third Daughter:
“The author fuses carriages, steam trains, airships and clockwork with the rich eastern culture that underlies Bollywood storytelling…” – Cherie Reich
“The political intrigue, the steampunk gadgets, and the beautiful costumes kept me in wonderment.” – Tony Benson
“Third Daughter is vividly breathtaking. Quinn delivers royal intrigue, exotic locations, and sweeping romance. Not to be missed!” – Pavarti Tyler, author of Shadow on the Wall

ON SALE – 99cents until 7/21 Third Daughter (The Dharian Affairs #1)

Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, AllRomance (also available in print)The Third Daughter of the Queen wants her birthday to arrive so she’ll be free to marry for love, but rumors of a new flying weapon may force her to accept a barbarian prince’s proposal for a peace-brokering marriage. Desperate to marry the charming courtesan she loves, Aniri agrees to the prince’s proposal as a subterfuge in order to spy on him, find the weapon, and hopefully avoid both war and an arranged marriage to a man she does not love.

Both books now have a map!
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check out the gorgeous formatting of the print book!

Book Feature: TORN CANVAS by Donna K Weaver June 17, 2014

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Today I am featuring the book TORN CANVAS, by Donna K. Weaver. 




Title: TORN CANVAS(Safe Harbors, #2)

Author: Donna K. Weaver

Release Date: May 28, 2014

Pages: 376

Genre: Fiction | Adventure | Contemporary Romance

Modern-day pirates took more than Jori Virtanen’s friends; they stole his face. Not only does the twenty- four-year-old former model have to confront months of reconstructive surgery, he discovers his previous life was as superficial as his looks. Jori struggles to make a new life for himself as an artist while evading the press. They expect a hero, but he knows the truth. His beauty masks a beast.

Olivia Howard’s given up a normal life for her job, and the sacrifices are finally paying off. The twenty-six-year-old talk-show host’s ratings are heading to the top of the charts. Her dream is to make a difference in people’s lives, but the studio wants mind fluff—like interviewing hot model Jori Virtanen. When Olivia learns the guy helped rescue passengers on a cruise excursion from kidnappers, she knows this is the story she needs to make her case. The only problem is the hero was injured, and now he’s disappeared.

The more Olivia learns about the man behind the scar, the more intrigued she becomes. But Jori is no girl’s happily ever after. Once she finds him, Olivia has to free his heart and heal the beast.

My Thoughts on the book: 

I loved the first book in this series, A CHANGE OF PLANS, and Jori was one of my favorite supporting characters.

He had lived a very shallow life (mostly to deal with horrible things from his childhood). Through the events in the first book he becomes as scarred on the outside as he was on the inside. TORN CANVAS picks up with Jori’s story.

I loved his journey. To see the lives that touch his for good and to see the difference he makes for them is wonderful. ‘Grandma Anna’ is a great example of one of these people. She was really feisty and a favorite character for me.

This book also gives us a better look at Olivia and the person she is. She was so cool. She had overcome a horrible life-situation and was a genuine and caring person. (And a gamer, which made her Awesome!!)

This book was a great view of the pathways the characters chose, or even the ones that were thrust upon them, and what they did with them to make the most of their lives. And bonus: it has swoon-worthy clean romance. *sigh* 😀

I can’t wait for the next book in the series!


Donna K. Weaver is a Navy brat who joined the Army and has lived in Asia and

Europe. Because she sailed the Pacific three times as a child, she loves cruising and

wishes she could accrue enough vacation time to do more of it with her husband.


Donna and her husband have six children and eight grandchildren who live all over the world.


At fifty, Donna decided to study karate and earned her black belt in Shorei Kempo.  


After recording city council minutes for twenty years, Donna decided to write something a little

longer and with a lot more emotion–and kissing.

You can find Donna here: 

Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Website 

 Pinterest |  Google+

Check out this book trailer!


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Thrift Store Romance March 10, 2014

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Squatters shirt

What is a romantic gesture to you?

Let me tell you a story:

When I was in my early twenties, I had a favorite shirt.  It was long-sleeved, heavy cotton, and a fabulous green. 

(secret: I would much rather wear a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans than anything else) It was from a local brewery pub that has great food. And while I don’t drink a drop, I loved the pun on the front: “Good for what Ales you.” 

Hysterical!  (secret #2: I have always been a sucker for a good pun. Totally my dad’s fault.)

Well, I had a friend that “borrowed” that shirt. And while I’m sure that friend returned it. . . eventually, it ended up disappearing. (sad face)

So now, jump ahead X amount of years. 

I came home from work, really late at night. Everything was dark and silent. (not so secret: it is never silent here)  I tiptoed through the house as to not wake the kidlings. My husband sleepily whispered hello and said that he had gotten me something. I was puzzled and went out to our living room to look in the plastic bag he told me about. 

In that bag was the very shirt I had lost all those years ago. He had seen it at the thrift store and bought it for me. (Fine. Probably not the same EXACT one, but close enough. It was the same shirt- sheesh.)

I was honestly surprised by the tears that I was immediately blinking away.

Such a romantic gesture. 

It wasn’t extravagant or expensive (5 bucks actually).

It wasn’t something that I had been hinting about wanting for a long time. (although those are nice too. . .)

It was something that my best friend saw, remembered me telling him a LONG time ago that it had been my favorite, and brought me ‘just because.’

That, is romance to me. Knowing what would make the other person happy and surprising them with it.

So, a question for you: How do you define a romantic gesture? Or what is romance to you?


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