Sabbatical of Sorts: What?

 Hello! Hi, there. Howdy. Welcome! 🙂

A little update on me and the blog. (Be forewarned that this post will be very GIF and photo heavy.) The blog will be on an unofficial/official hiatus for a bit.

I see you rolling your eyes and laughing at me.

But, since you look so good doing it, all is forgiven. 

I picked up this book at the library, hoping it would help.


Wait. 400 pages!? I’m supposed to be able to focus on that long enough to have it help? If I could do that, I wouldn’t need the book. 

It is true.

So, you know those really cool people that can juggle thirty balls, two flaming jack-o-lanterns, and a chain saw? Imagine I was going to do that act.

But I have never juggled before in my life.

I keep dropping everything. But when it is time to throw the next ball in, I keep saying ‘sure, throw it in!’

And then, with a million items to juggle all around me at my feet. I can’t figure out which one to pick up and start with. So none of them get juggled.

It doesn’t work so well with gourds of flame and sharp power tools.

So I am just going to put this picture here right now.

alisonmillerwoods potato crispy treats

“What is that?” Good question. 

It is a sight to behold. Potato Chip Crispy Treats.

Does that name work? Maybe PotMarsh. . . no.

PotatoMallow. . . hmm.

Anyway, it is wavy potato chips with melted marshmallows. Like Rice Crispy Treats only salty/sweet. 

Where was I?

Oh, right. My sabbatical.

I am planning on learning how to juggle. But I need to start with basics, like three balls.

Or one.

I need to learn how to catch one ball first.

So I am paring down ‘Teh Internets’ until I get things together.

Then I will TOTALLY be like Batman. 

And I will nail it on the ‘first try.’ 😀

So, the TL;DR version (Because believe me, I understand.): 

I am kind of a mess 😉 and I am backing slowly away from the internet (No sudden moves!) until I get things organized.

Catch you on the flip side! 


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