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WonHundred Word Wednesday: “She was carried along by the crowd.” January 7, 2015

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January 7 2015

When I first saw this week’s prompt (She was carried along by the crowd) I thought about crowd surfing at a rock concert. And then this little image popped in my head. So, here is my 100 word story based on that prompt: 

            It was essential that Eliza remain motionless. The funeral bier was ornately carved and covered in flowers. She lay under the thin burial material and tried not to flinch as she was carried along by the crowd.

            The rescue wouldn’t work unless she was able to pull this part off. Her stomach knotted with each lurch of the unstable platform.

            I wonder how many actually dead people they have dumped in the street? Not encouraging.

            She kept mentally running through the plan to keep from screaming. She would save Mason. But she would have to go through worse than this.

Now you can check out what my writing friends have done with their 100 word story based on this same prompt. Enjoy 😀

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Miranda D. Nelson

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Kaye P. Clark:



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