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WonHundred Word Wednesday: “As He Fell, He Waited For. . .” December 10, 2014

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On time this week with the Wednesday flash fiction! One prompt, multiple authors, 100 word story. It has been fun to see the variety that comes from everyone starting at the same jumping point. This week’s prompt is: As he fell, he waited for . . . .

December 10

            As he fell, he waited for the white rabbit to appear. It had to be a dream, right?

            Some strange dream with talking animals and glow in the dark words floating about.  They would all appear soon and then he would know he was actually fast asleep in his bed. Or slumped over at his desk, face smashed into whichever textbook he had been studying.

            No. Wait.

            It hadn’t been a textbook. It had been that strange tome from the library. The leather-bound, padlocked book with the warning he had laughed off.

            Was he actually falling down the rabbit hole?


Now we can check out what the other authors did with the same prompt 🙂 

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