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WonHundred Word Wednesday Catch Up! December 8, 2014

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I fell terribly behind. Ugh. So, I have three weeks of 100 word stories for you right here in this post. That’s right, folks, 300 free words of story for your perusing pleasure. 😀 

My three prompts are: “He wanted her job, and it would be easy enough to discredit her”, “As he took in the view from the twentieth floor, the lights went out all over the city”, and “His voice had never sounded so cold.”

December 8

Here we go!

            Tanner adjusted his tie while he glared at Jackie. He wanted her job, and it would be easy enough to discredit her. She moved confidently around the raucous group, always being where she was needed.

            Always ‘so much fun.’

            Well, a few well-placed phone calls as a ‘concerned observer’ would seal her fate. Parents wouldn’t want to send kids to the camp if a suspected rock-and-roll singer was in charge. Sure, she was actually a gospel-choir singer, but Tanner was sure he could make up some kind of rumor.

            He would be King of Kiddie day camp before summer’s end.

* * *

            As he took in the view from the twentieth floor, the lights went out all over the city. Something churned in his center.  Something unfamiliar.

            Is this emotion? Is it fear?

            He looked at the street below and imagined the confusion and worry caused by his perfect plan.

            No. Not fear. Excitement. This is satisfaction.

            The world would crumble when the emotion-driven sheep panicked. And he would be there with the answers. The perfect, orderly, logical answers. He would rebuild the world to his specifications.

            Then perhaps he would experience that elusive sensation of triumph.

* * *

                Her head spun when the realization of what he said pierced through her panic. His voice had never sounded so cold. “Wait.” She stopped pacing and whirled on him. “You think I did this?”  She looked around the trashed apartment and tried to see what would prompt the idea.

                His face emotionless, he shrugged. “Why not?”

                Fury bubbled up, but she reined in the scream that wanted to force its way out. “You think I would destroy my home and endanger my children? For what?”  She narrowed her eyes at him. “To get back at you? I’m not like you.”

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