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WonHundred Word Wednesday: “There was nothing left of the money except…” October 8, 2014

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October 8

This week’s 100 word story is based on the prompt: “There was nothing left of the money except…”


            Betsy lay silently under piles of blankets on the massive bed. Outside the bedroom, family—but still virtual strangers—argued fruitlessly over her fortune.

            There was nothing left of the money except for the memories.

            A whirlwind romance and marriage on the Grand Canal in Venice.

            A lonely, makeshift funeral on a battlefield only four years later.

            There were schools and orphanages in Nepal and wells dug for villages in Africa.

            Even the estate and the manor were promised. They had been donated to an addiction recovery program.

            She alone could hold the memories. And they were greater than treasure.

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