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WondHundred Wednesday: “He had waited twenty years to return it.” August 20, 2014

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Wednesday! A group of author receives a prompt and writes a 100 word story from it. It is fun to see the different directions they head. This is my take on the prompt “He had waited twenty years to return it.”

WonHundred Wednesday 8_20


            Darren gripped the small box in his hand. He had waited twenty years to return it. He looked around his hometown, first time in decades, with new eyes.

            “Sorry it took me so long to come back around, Ma.” He shuffled his feet in the silence. “I wish Annie and Molly could have come so they could meet you. Molly is getting her first teeth in and is cute as a button.”

            He opened the box and pulled out the broken earing. He set it, and a fresh daisy, down gently on the headstone. “I think you’d be proud, Ma.”


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2 Responses to “WondHundred Wednesday: “He had waited twenty years to return it.””

  1. Jenna Eatough Says:

    Now that is bittersweet.Although it does make me wonder what was so important to his mother about the broken earring and flower.


  2. Laura Says:

    Does he ever take the kids to visit him home town? To share memories of his mom and his life there? I also wonder about that broken ear ring. What significance does it hold. Way to catch my attention


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