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WonHundred Word Wednesday: “Spare some change please?” August 13, 2014

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One prompt. 100 words.  This week’s prompt is “Spare some change, please?” Check out my version and then you can go see what awesomeness the other authors came up with based on the same prompt!


WonHundred Wednesday8_13




                From where I sat on the park bench, I could see the front of the ambassador’s home. I watched closely over the newspaper, sunglasses hiding my eyes—and my earpiece.  The homeless man shuffled up the sidewalk near me.  I had already sized him up and found his weak points—if it came to that—the leg with the limp and the arm held closely to his side.  He paused near the bench.

                “Spare some change, please?” 

                I didn’t turn my head.  “Jake.” I sighed. “For this mission to work we can’t be seen together.”

                He chuckled and shambled away.


Now the others’. Enjoy!

Jessica Winn, The Distracted Writer:Http://Thedistractedwriter.Com/

Laura D. Bastian Http://Www.Lauradbastian.Com/

Jaclyn Weist  Http://Jaclynweist.Blogspot.Com

Lindzee Armstrong/Lydia Winters Http://Lindzeearmstrong.Blogspot.Com

Miranda D. Nelson Http://Www.Mirandadnelson.Blogspot.Com/

Jenna Eatough


3 Responses to “WonHundred Word Wednesday: “Spare some change please?””

  1. Laura Says:

    nice. Jake seems like a joker. It would be fun to see their relationship in more interactions. 🙂


  2. Jessica Says:

    I like Jake already! He sounds like someone I’d want to work with. I really want to know what this mission is now!


  3. jaclynweist Says:

    Hahaha I love it! That’s so awesome. And I love that they were sizing up the dude before he got there.


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