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WonHundred Word Wednesday: “It was just for one night.” July 9, 2014

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Today’s prompt for our 100 word story is: “It was just for one night.”

WonHundred Wednesday 7_9


Princess Kiva clutched her growling stomach. The sound echoed alarmingly in the silent tomb. It was just for one night, but the kingdom depended upon it. Potential rulers had failed in the past.

She had gone through every purification ritual and now she needed to spend the entire night amongst her ancestors—the wisdom of the ages—to prove she could lead the country.

Otherwise there would be civil war.

She settled down against the cold stone of the tomb. There was an errant sound. A hiss, and dry scales brushing through dust.

Had other ancestors failed?

Or been assassinated?


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5 Responses to “WonHundred Word Wednesday: “It was just for one night.””

  1. Jenna Eatough Says:

    Assassin or not, that would be the perfect environment for the imagination to go wild. Not a night I’d want.


  2. Ooh, I would definitely like to read more of this!


  3. jaclynweist Says:

    I LOVE this one. Great job! Darn assassins!


  4. Jessica Says:

    I loved the sound of the scales and the imagery it brought! I like the last line a lot too. 🙂


  5. Miranda D Nelson Says:

    You created a very creepy place to spend the night! I definitely want to know what happens to her.


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