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WonHundred Word Wednesday: “My heart pounded wildly” June 18, 2014

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This week’s prompt for our 100 word story is: “My heart pounded wildly.”

WonHundred Wednesday 6_18

          My heart pounded wildly as my feet scrabbled for a toe-hold. My upper arm strength was pretty impressive, if I do say so myself, but even I couldn’t dangle by my fingertips all night.

          “Next time, Jake, I’ll make the plan. And you’ll put on the cat suit and scale the cliff wall.” With a gasp I stretched further and my foot found purchase against one of the rocks.

          “I thought we’re on radio silence.” His smooth voice carried through the earpiece. “Besides, I like the view from down here.”

          “And I like it better when you’re quiet.” Total eyeroll.


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4 Responses to “WonHundred Word Wednesday: “My heart pounded wildly””

  1. Jenna Eatough Says:

    I love the banter between the two. You can feel their history.


  2. Lindzee Says:

    Nice! I’m so curious what they’re doing. I’m going for spies on a mission. 🙂


  3. Jessica Says:

    Love the attitude and snark! I’m a fan of Jake. 🙂


  4. jaclynweist Says:

    I totally love it! It was a fun read.


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