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WonHundred Word Wednesday: “You find a box in the attic that isn’t yours.” May 14, 2014

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The next 100 word story based on the prompt: “You find a box in the attic that isn’t yours.”


WonHundred Wednesday 5_14

“David? Did you already put something up here?”

His voice was muffed behind the stack of moving boxes. I stood on the ladder to the attic and stared. The space was empty except one thing, right in the middle. A box. Not a cardboard box, or a lovely hat box, or even a wooden box.

This monstrosity looked older than our ancient house—hewn from stone and covered in markings resembling the runes I’d seen in a Norse drinking game. Chains surrounded it, rusting as they sat.

I watched and the box lurched forward an inch.

“Honey? Come here please…”


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8 Responses to “WonHundred Word Wednesday: “You find a box in the attic that isn’t yours.””

  1. Lindzee Says:

    Yikes! For some reason it sort of reminded me of the movie Jamanji.


  2. ooooh, creepy. Hope honey gets over there quick.


  3. Ginny Romney Says:

    It’s that box from Thor!


  4. I love how it’s lurching toward her and she’s all calm.


  5. Creepy! …but now I want to read about what happens when the box opens. We all know it has to open. Great feeling of confused dread here. Love it!


  6. Jessica Says:

    For some reason I was thinking of Jumanji at the end of this. I want to see what’s in that thing! 😀


  7. Wendy Knight Says:

    Oooh! What happens next?! Aaaah!


  8. Miranda D Nelson Says:

    What’s in it? The chains make it seem extra evil!


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