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WonHundred Word Wednesday: Would you like fries with that? April 23, 2014

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 New 100 word story – check it out and then go visit the other authors to see their take:

WonHundred Wednesday 4_23


Abigail hefted another shovel of dirt and continued to mutter.

 “Of course I’ll get that for you, dear, anything you want.” She twitched and shook her head.

            “I don’t mind covering the bruises and lying about being clumsy.” Another shovelful and she paused, looking furtively over her shoulder.

            Abigail dropped the shovel and wiped her hands rapidly on her legs. “But don’t think about touching my kids.”  She retrieved the shovel, returning to the rhythmic movements.

            “I made your favorite meal. Would you like fries with that?” She poured the last of the dirt into the hole, covering his face.


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7 Responses to “WonHundred Word Wednesday: Would you like fries with that?”

  1. Wendy Knight Says:

    So wicked. I love it!!


  2. Miranda D Nelson Says:

    Whew… that’s intense!


  3. jaclynweist Says:

    Ooooh creepy! Good job!


  4. Wow, way dark. Not something you’d expect from that prompt, but I loved how you twisted it.


  5. Jessica Says:

    Whoa! Dark! But I love dark. 🙂 I thought of “Earl has to die” or whatever that Dixie Chicks song is when I read this.


  6. Lindzee Says:

    Wow, do not mess with this woman! 🙂 I thought of the song “Better Dig Two” by the Band Perry but “Goodbye Earl” by Dixie Chicks is a better theme song for this piece. 🙂 Good job!


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