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Author Interview: Wendy Knight, SPARK OF A FEUDLING March 31, 2014

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Author interview time again! This time, we have Wendy Knight visiting. She recently released the final book in an amazing series of YA fantasy that began with FEUDLINGS. The latest book is actually a prequel. – Check out this gorgeous cover! (and the book blurb)


Hate can start a war, but a shattered heart can fuel it for centuries.

Everything Ada does is wrong. She’s the daughter of a Duke but she isn’t proper or formal. She prefers the company of her servants—particularly Christian, the boy she’s loved since she was six years old, and his sister, Charity, Ada’s very best friend in the entire world.
Ada isn’t just the daughter of a Duke. No, she’s the daughter of one of the most powerful Edren sorcerers alive, and no matter how strong she is, it isn’t strong enough. Ada will give up almost everything to earn her father’s pride.
Christian has loved Ada since the day his mother became her governess. But two societies are determined to keep them apart—the aristocracy who say a groom will never be good enough for a Duke’s beautiful daughter, and the sorcerers who say a Carules and an Edren can never be together. Christian will do anything to make Ada his—even drive himself to madness.
When Ada suspects her father of hurting Charity and Christian in his quest for knowledge, she is torn between loyalty to him, and a fierce determination to protect them. The division tears her soul and breaks her heart.
The pieces of her broken heart will start a war that can only be stopped by the death of the most powerful warrior alive by the hand of the boy who loves her.


**Bonus Story –Feudlings in Peace**Join  Ari, Shane, Ada, Christian and everyone they love as they chase their happily ever after.


Sneak peek into the book with an excerpt:

He sprinted down the path, into the forest, leaping over huge rocks and tree roots and through streams he couldn’t see but his magic told him were there. He had no idea where he was going, but there seemed to be a tether from his heart to hers — he always knew where Ada was. He ran straight to them, nearly colliding with her father’s guards as he raced through the thick trees.

“What happened to her?” he bellowed, jerking Ada out of Davis’s bloodstained arms.

“She was hit, saving me,” Harrison answered. “Can you help her?”

If there had been time, any time at all, Christian would have paused at that. How exactly had his tiny little Ada saved the giant Harrison? But there wasn’t time. He laid her on the thick grass, searching for the wound. But there was so much blood.

“There!” Davis snapped, jabbing the air above her stomach.

Flames roiled across Christian’s hands and he held them above her, letting the flames soothe the skin before he tried to touch it. They swirled through the air, seeping and mending the broken, charred skin.

“Does she breathe?” Harrison asked, crouching close to put his face next to her mouth.

Christian ignored him. He didn’t care if she breathed or not.

She would breathe, or he would die with her.

“She does.” Harrison sat back, relieved.

“Can you not heal at all? Stop the blood flow from her shoulder!” Christian snapped.

Harrison gaped at him. “We’re Edren. We don’t heal.”

“I’m Carules and I can throw a lirik if need be,” Christian muttered under his breath, but he couldn’t argue with them now.

She moaned.

They all froze in shock, and then redoubled their efforts. Davis jerked his shirt off and held it to her shoulder while Christian’s blue flames leaped and danced from his hands, fighting the poison eating through her body.

“Christian. I knew—” she whispered as her skin healed, leaving only pink burns behind.

“Shhh. Don’t speak. You’re still very weak.” He moved from her stomach to her shoulder, pushing Davis’ shirt out of the way. It was stiff with dried blood and she shrieked when he ripped it from the wound. “Forgive me, dear one,” he whispered, his mouth near her temple, kissing the pain away. “Forgive me.”

“I knew… you would come. I knew you… could heal me.” Her eyes fluttered open, dazed with pain, dark orbs barely reflecting the moonlight.

“Always, Ada. Forever.”

Introducing, Wendy: 

Wendy Knight Photo

Wendy Knight is the bestselling author of the young adult series Fate on Fire and Riders of Paradesos. She was born and raised in Utah by a wonderful family who spoiled her rotten because she was the baby. Now she spends her time driving her husband crazy with her many eccentricities (no water after five, terror when faced with a live phone call, no touching the knives…you get the idea). She also enjoys chasing her three adorable kids, playing tennis, watching football, reading, and hiking. Camping is also big—her family is slowly working toward a goal of seeing all the National Parks in the U.S.

You can usually find her with at least one Pepsi nearby, wearing ridiculously high heels for whatever the occasion. And if everything works out just right, she will also be writing.

Social Media Links:







And now for our interview, as always, based on the title of the book-



S is for spells: your characters can do some amazing spells. If you could do a magic spell (not just the kinds your characters can do) what would it be?

Well of course, if I could choose any magic, it would be to end world hunger or create world peace. BUT, pretend someone already did that—I would have a magic that would make sleep unnecessary. Seriously, it takes up so much writing time!


P is for problems: What do you feel like your characters learn (without spoilers) from the problems that they face?

They learn that one, destiny might always win but it can still be on your terms. And two, that loyalty, love and friendship will overcome any trial, any evil, against all odds.

A is for admire: What things do you admire that inspire you in your writing?

I have to say, human nature is my biggest inspiration. I know there are so many bad things in the world, but I see so much good, so much strength, caring and love. I want to take those characteristics and capture them in my writing. I try to give them to my characters.

R is for wRiting: (see what I did there? 😉 )  Now that you have finished Feudlings, what are your next projects that we can look forward to?

Haha! I love it. Right now I’m working on a few different projects. I am just starting the final installment in the Riders of Paradesos series, which is about my battle unicorns and the teenagers who help them save the day. I’m also just finishing up a series I am involved in with five other authors called The Gates of Atlantis. My story is about a hybrid banshee who has to learn to embrace both halves of herself to save her brother and help save Atlantis. And I’m about half-done with the first story in a new trilogy—it’s a New Adult urban fantasy called The Soul’s Agent about a girl who is sort of a probation officer for ghosts. She recruits lost souls to fight in her army against demons. And of course, there’s this guy she can’t get over messing up her plans…

K is for kiss: You write some really great romantic relationships and elements in your stories. Who is your favorite couple in literature?

Oooh that’s a hard one! Okay, I’m going with the couple from The Scarlet Pimpernel. One, because I desperately love that story. Two, because I read it when I was in high school, and one scene has stayed with me ever since. When I write a romantic scene, I try to remember how it made me feel—when Marguerite walks away and Percy kisses each place her fingers touched the banister…swoon!

Feudlings: this is the end of a wonderful series, where did you get the name ‘feudlings’ from?

Well, I made it up. I started writing this story, and I was telling my brother about it, and he asked me what the name was. I didn’t have a name. But it was about two feuding sides, particularly, the people fighting—they were my Feudlings. And there was my title!


Thank you for visiting with us today, Wendy!

Everyone- run like Wendy’s Facebook author page so you can get the latest updates on all her new books!


3 Responses to “Author Interview: Wendy Knight, SPARK OF A FEUDLING”

  1. Wendy Knight Says:

    Thank you so much for letting me visit, Alison!


  2. Jessica Says:

    Loved the interview! That’s creative to use the book title as inspiration for the questions. 🙂 I just bought Feudlings and can’t wait to start it. 🙂 Sounds like a fun read.


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