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Your own Brave (with a capital ‘B’) November 25, 2013

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     I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

     About what it means to be brave.

Sometimes it may be something very different for you than it is for someone else. There can be times in life that  basic things — that may have been easy at one point — now require bravery.

                           Like getting out of bed in the morning.

     Other times, you may be able to fly higher than you ever have because you can take that one brave step.

I’m in the first case scenario right now and working to get so I can move to the second scenario. It isn’t easy.    I’m  sure it will be worth it. But it is a long climb looking up from the bottom.

            I love Sara Bareilles’s song, “Brave”. I have a hard time not tearing up every time it comes on the radio. It is one that really speaks straight to my soul. I also love a cappella music.  So I have two versions of the song for you to enjoy. The first is an a cappella rendition that I love. The second is, of course, the original. There are different things I love in both of these videos. (LOVE the dancers in the original video).  Enjoy and be brave!

                                                    What is your big Brave?







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