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NaNo Ponderings October 17, 2013

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November is quickly approaching. And if you don’t know, November is NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month.

It works best if you are prepared.

October is the time to prepare and that time is coming to an end. So now is the time to panic! – Just kidding.

Preparing means, to me, understanding who your story will be about. The Characters Drive the Story.


I have been thinking about which story idea I wanted to work on. The one that is buzzing around my head right now comes from a flash fiction I did a long time ago. It was a 600 word story contest that I entered – they supplied the first and last lines and you had to write from there. (this is the story so you can read it, if you wish)


Now I have my beginning structure. I always liked the world possibilities and thought about expanding it. This jumping point gives me a small nugget of what will come. That scene may not even be in the story, it depends on what happens with the rest of my planning.

That structure, or initial idea, needs a lot of expansion to make it work. I need to figure out my characters, my antagonist, my conflict, everything else that makes a story enjoyable, and make an outline before November 1st.

Let it begin! 🙂


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