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Growing, Learning, Stretching- September 26, 2013

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Sometimes it is hard to learn something new.

Difficult because you have to acknowledge how far you still may have to travel. (Like looking at a map at the beginning of your trip)
But it can also be really, really cool.

I am currently working on my second book. And I am learning to use a program called Scrivener. It is pretty cool. I haven’t learned to use all the features yet, but I do really like that all my research notes, images, and outline scribbles can all be kept together with my manuscript. Fun stuff-


This is a good example of learning something new, that isn’t too scary.

Other times, learning something new can be scary because it takes a leap of faith. It can be hard to share the things you create with others because you don’t know how they will react. It takes a leap of faith.

However, if we are willing to listen to the responses, we may grow and improve.

It is a lesson I am still trying to learn.

The contest I entered for the League of Utah writers sends back your entry with the judge’s notes on them.

Scary? Yes. But also an awesome chance to learn!

So it was fun to see all the positive comments like “Good voice here”, or “Good view into her thoughts here.”

I can learn from those, I can see what I did right and try to use that method again.

But, I also loved to see the comments like this: “You need a bigger hook here.  You can achieve this by slowing down and showing us the setting and the characters.  Describe the important things in this scene” and “Good idea to establish the bond here, but I would also like to see a bigger hook and maybe some foreshadowing of the next chapter.”

Those comments teach me new skills that I need to learn to improve my storytelling craft.

These are exciting things – it makes me want to jump back into my story and examine all the pieces it needs to convey the story in my head.

What other things do we learn that may be scary at first?



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