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LDStorymakers: classes extrodinaire! May 18, 2011

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So much information to process from the conference! My brain is bubbling and churning just thinking about it (in a good way of course).

The courses I attended are all copyrighted, so I can’t share them all. But, I do want to share the experience I went through while listening.

For my very first class I was lucky enough to sign up for the master class taught by Clint Johnson (it ran two hours instead of the normal one hours sessions). Conflict and the Mechanism of Story-

This class alone was probably worth the cost of the whole conference. Amazing and exciting. He asked us to think of a story idea – not one we had written a lot on, but a new idea the we had been thinking about. I chose to think about the idea I attempted to write last November for NaNoWriMo. It was an idea that had been kicking around for a while and I had been really interested in exploring it. However, when it came to writing the story last November – nothing happened. Absolutely nothing.

So I thought about that one. And withing the course of probably a half hour in this class I realized why I hadn’t been able to write anything. I didn’t care about my protagonist. I didn’t care because while I had a spiffy general idea, I didn’t know what she really wanted, what was stopping her from getting it, and what the stakes were.   Aha! Now I know. Now I have something I can work with.

It was so much fun the way Clint Johnson guided us through different things and explained the process (so many Aha moments).

I went to a great class by Sarah Eden about description. It is something I hadn’t put a lot of thought into before. Oh, I ‘describe’ things, but am I giving the right details? Am I using the descriptions that are necessary? So much fun!

(I didn’t get to go to all of the conference. Missed the keynote speaker and the dinner the first night because hubby and kidling#1 had Fathers and Sons campout. I missed most of Saturday because niece had a baptism)

During the weekend I also attended a couple of classes by Dave Wolverton. He has so much stellar advice.

I also attended a class by Sara Megibow, literary agent with the Nelson Literary Agency. Her presentation was on preparing/acquiring an agent. Their website has a lot of advice and resources (you should check it out). One of the things she mentioned was having a website.

So, I did it. I took the plunge and got a website. There isn’t much there (mostly a link to this blog) but I do now own my domain name and I can certainly add more stuff to it when I get my agent/publishing deal. (Here’s for early planning, right?)

Oh, and the bookstore at the conference was too much fun. Spent way too much money on books. As usual.


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