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(Alphabe-Thursday: I and J) Inside Jokes December 15, 2010

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My last ‘catch-up’ entry for Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe=Thursday.

This is the next in my series of trying to sort out how we make those people in our stories ‘real’.  What is your opinion on “inside jokes”? I know that in real life if you are friends with a group of people long enough, things will happen that will become the future ‘inside jokes’.

My family, for example, only has to mention Friar Tuck or Valentine’s Day hearts to have my mother turn red and everyone start laughing (forgive me mom). No one else would understand but it is hysterical to us. My husband’s family has ‘cheever on the roof’. Again, makes no sense to those on the outside.

Does that work in books?  If there is a group of friends that are really close, do they have inside jokes? Does it translate well in the reading or do you have to over-explain, thereby killing the inside joke?

Do you know of any books that have these kinds of interactions? Does it work for you?

I think one issue would be that comedy is difficult. Everyone has a different sense of humor and what is funny to one may not be funny to another. A favorite book of mine is “The True Meaning of Smekday” by Adam Rex. I thought it was laugh-out-loud funny. But I can appreciate that a lot of the humor was subtle or required the cultural knowledge behind it to be understood. It may not be an easily accessible humor.

Would it be the same with an inside joke?


Edit: Apparently I also missed the letter “K”. Well I am feeling a bit contrary and so I am just going to say that the letter ‘K’ doesn’t exist in the Italian language. Quindi se io scrivo in italiano, no devo usare la lettera ‘K’. Basta.


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