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NaNoWriMo a No Go December 14, 2010

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Well, I explained the craziness I was taking on in NaNoWriMo (writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November) and then I haven’t checked in since November started.

I’m sure that all of you had images of me sweating over my keyboard, pounding out thousands of perfect phrases destined to become the next ‘take-your-breath-away’ novel. Right?  Anyone???

Well, it’s funny how things actually work. My grand total for words written on my novel. . . (are you sure you are ready for this?)  289!


Not only did I not get that done, but I also missed out on the Alphabe-Thursday for G,H,I,and J. I will be making those up before this week’s edition.

It is strange. I don’t feel too bad about not getting more fun writing done. November wasn’t completely lost to the writing vacuum.  I did get non-writing things done. Or I should say non-fun writing things done. I finished several major projects for work that required a lot of writing. I did get all my grapes picked and the juice bottled (yum!). Unfortunately we had a  funeral too. And while it was really hard to lose my husband’s grandmother (she is an amazing woman), it was also really nice to see all the family that came in and play hostess to those who dared to stay with us.  Also, my husband decided that he would like a Tom Baker “Dr. Who scarf” for Christmas. For those of you not familiar with the scarf, here is an image.

Yes, it really is that long. And my husband is 6’ 4’’. So that is a LOT of scarf. I did get a start on that in November.


As I was writing I discovered a few things. It may have been an idea that had been kicking around in my head for a while. An idea that still intrigues me, but I hadn’t fleshed it out enough.

I need a few things to write a story:

When I write I need to have a solid “Who.” That was problem number one. My main character wasn’t whole. I didn’t really know her, or what her situation was. Without knowing her, it is really hard to care about what is happening or going to happen to her.

I need a concrete “What.” I need to know what my main character (MC) has been thrust into and how it will be fixed.

I also need a definite “Why.” Why does she care? Why does the conflict matter to her and thereby matter to me? What is at risk?

The “How” is something I can figure out as I go. But without having those other questions answered – Nothing happens.

So now I will set to work on answering those questions, playing with it in my head. Meanwhile I will be attempting a major overhaul on my ‘already written’ story. I am excited about the revisions and how it will make the story in my head come to life on the paper.


2 Responses to “NaNoWriMo a No Go”

  1. Elesa Says:

    Oh poo. As I see this, I remember that you invited me to a cookie party last Saturday. I completely forgot about it. Was it fun? Was it delicious? I’m so sorry I missed out. And it WOULD be so great to see you again. Invite me next time!


    • Alison Says:

      It was fun and delicious, but it was lacking because of your absence :). We will have to figure out some other ‘event’ to get together.


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