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Saturday Centus: “Trick or treat” October 16, 2010

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This is the Saturday Centus entry for Jenny Matlock’s blog. Again, the rules are: using the prompt, write a 100 word (not counting the prompt) story. This week’s prompt is “”Trick or treat!” they shouted as the door opened. .  .”  I’ve marked it in red.


“Trick or treat!” they shouted as the door opened slowly. The children jockeyed for position on the porch.  The plastic of their costumes rustled as they tried to look through the opening door. No candy was coming. They began to mutter, their words indistinguishable under stiff masks. The eldest, Susan, pulled the superhero face up on top of her head so she wasn’t trying to look through the limiting eye-holes.  Still, there was no smiling neighbor with a bowl of candy, or anyone at all. The other children pushed her forward and she stepped in the door.

“There’s no one. . .” The door slammed and the children screamed.


15 Responses to “Saturday Centus: “Trick or treat””

  1. Judie Says:

    NO!! No fair! I want to know what happened!! Great take on the prompt!!


  2. Jackie Says:

    Yikes , that was really good .


  3. Kat Says:

    Oh boy, what happened to poor Susan? This was really nicely done, I can just see the kids on the porch waiting for their treats. Kat


  4. Oh no! Did she make it out before the door slammed? What happened to the others? Goes to show you that you just never know what evil lurks behind those doors.


  5. Terra Says:

    I would have screamed too…if I wasn’t I afraid I’d wake up my house. WELL DONE!


  6. Viki Says:

    Oh no, poor kids.


  7. Liz Says:

    Loved it! I could just see them scattering away like squirrels! Great story!


  8. jeff Says:

    Oooooh…very good…concise, complete…nice…Peace and blessings


  9. Ames Says:

    The unanswered question. Suspense! Great job~Ames


  10. Diane J. Says:

    Ack! Great suspense…don’t suppose you will give us a follow up?


  11. Great take! Ghoulish and very spooky, not to mention well written.



  12. Tina Says:

    what a ghostly tale. such fun!


  13. Come back here right now Missy and finish this story.

    I can’t have another scary story to haunt my sleep tonight.

    OK, let’s see. The children screamed because it was a surprise party. Yea, that’s it. A surprise party AND…

    Well, I dunno what happened for real but that’s my visual and I’m sticking to it!


    Awesome link.


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