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(Alphabe-Thursday:D) D is for Depression October 13, 2010

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This is my next entry in the Alphabe-Thursday on Jenny Matlock’s blog. (you should check out the other entries too) I decided to try writing different emotions for each letter to practice capturing those emotions on paper. This is “D is for Depression” and before you ask, I am fine – thanks.




It’s not about sadness. Sadness is easy.

It’s emptiness. Whatever passed as my heart/soul/essence has been shredded and scooped out.

It is apathetic, hollow deadness.

It isn’t always the same: sometimes it is worse.

Add to the emptiness all the feelings of negativity you can imagine:

Irritation, self-pity, self-loathing, insanity, disgust, rage –

All rolling around inside like smoke spiraling in a moon-dark sky.

Sometimes it is just the emptiness.

It really isn’t about sadness.


23 Responses to “(Alphabe-Thursday:D) D is for Depression”

  1. Judie Says:

    Great job on this.
    I know you are not depressed–you have such a happy smile!


  2. Gattina Says:

    I know very well this feeling I suffered from seasonal depressions for years and always in fall !


  3. stef Says:

    Oh, I remember a couple of years ago when I suffered with depression. It is a horrible thing. So painful. Even now just thinking about going to that place again scares me and amazes me that I made it through. It isn’t about sadness…its about emptiness. Great ABC post!


  4. Write Chick Says:

    This was a great explanation of depression. I love how you began with “I”m fine, thanks.” Hahaha. People were sure to wonder. Great post!


  5. JDaniel4's Mom Says:

    You did a wonderful job describing something that is so complicated.


  6. Jen Says:

    Tough subject.
    I like the idea of discussing emotions here.
    I’m glad you are feeling fine!
    Enjoy your day!


  7. Christy Says:

    You did a great job of showing us what depression is. Thanks.


  8. Love it…

    Having had a few bouts with depression myself (not now, doing ok right now), you have captured it quite well.

    love the pic also!


  9. jo Says:

    love the photo you chose to go with this post … and yeah, having a major in depression … i can tell you that you did a great job of capturing it … it isn’t sadness … its being utterly empty … great post!


  10. Jingle Says:

    mist, depression,
    well defined in your poem.
    very sharp and brilliant D post.


  11. Sue Anderson Says:

    I get depressed every now and again, especially since my kids flew the nest. So emptiness is a good way of describing it, for me. Once in awhile, I have to remind myself of the things that still fill me.



  12. mub Says:

    I think people don’t always get that it’s not “about sadness.” I really like how you expressed that.


  13. jen Says:

    Great job. It’s hard to capture that feeling when you’re not there. Impressive.


  14. Yanet Says:

    Great idea for Alphabe Thursday theme. I love yo how described depression. And I love how you prefaced it by saying, I’m fine. thanks.


  15. Tweety Says:

    Great post…and perfectly portrayed..its not sadness..its emptiness…void of everything…


  16. Ames Says:

    I think you are right on the mark with this description. I should know…been there done that! Great post!~Ames


  17. I have always battled depression…..the picture you used is perfect……it is such a rotten thing to go through!


  18. Great insight and explanation in your words.
    Thank you also for stopping by my post while I was on vacation. Please come back any time :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    After returning from our visit with family, it was straight to work, but I had yesterday and today off from work, so I hope to get caught up on some blog reading.


  19. Olivia Says:

    superbly written this one- I like to read about sadness, emptiness.. coz I too write about such wasted emotions.. 😀


  20. Olivia Says:

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    • jennymatlock Says:

      Wow. This was so poignant and evocative of what the emotion does feel like.

      I think we’ve all been there to some degree or another.

      How amazing that you captured it so well.

      Thanks for sharing your talents with us on this thought-provoking link to Alphabe-Thursday.



  21. Jingle Says:

    Welcome to our potluck party by linking in a poem, old one works well. Thanks!

    hope to see you in.
    old poem would work too.
    u rock.


    • Alison Says:

      I am extremely flattered by the invitation, thanks! But I have a confession. I’m really not a poet. Typically the idea of writing a poem makes me panic. So I probably won’t post anything, but I would love to come and read everyone’s poems. Thanks again!


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