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(Alphabe-Thursday:C) C is for Cheerful October 7, 2010

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It may come as a surprise, but sometimes the positive emotions are trickier for me to describe. So I thought I would tackle ‘Cheerful’. Typically, I would just say “So-and-so smiled.” Ta Da!

I figured I would start by listing things that make me cheerful. . .

Long-sleeved T-shirts and jeans, fall colors and a crisp touch to the air –

Pumpkin flavor, chocolate, fresh-baked whole wheat bread, homemade grape juice-

Northwestern Beaches with jagged rocks – the kind of beach that needs a sweatshirt-

Chinchillas and alpacas, Halloween, moon, purple and brown-

Matt, kids giggling, mountains, red-rock mesas, God-

Naps, lightning storms, colors and patterns in fabric (but not sewing)-

Soft touches and quick kisses, sunsets, Disneyland-

Okay, let’s try a bit of ‘cheerful’ then . . .


The feeling burbled up from his stomach. When it reached his throat, laughter burst out, surprising even him.


Her eyes lit up and a smile spread across her face.


He took a deep breath and closed his eyes in the sunlight, holding on to the warmth that filled his chest.

~Er, hmmmm.

. . . She smiled.


13 Responses to “(Alphabe-Thursday:C) C is for Cheerful”

  1. brenda Says:

    What beautiful pictures. These thoughts would make me cheerful also. Your up late. Me too, trying to get my alphabe-thursday post in before I have to go to work in the A.M. Must go to bed now though. Just wanted to thank you for the visit and sweet comment.


  2. Judie Says:

    That is more than just a “cheerful” post! I especially liked the ending–very hot!
    Incidentally, I coined my “C” word myself. It is an original! Thanks for your nice comment!


  3. tracy Says:

    This was a lovely blog thank you for sharing


  4. mle Says:

    What gorgeous pictures & lovely thoughts!!
    It’s great to be cheerful : )
    happy friday


  5. A beach that needs a sweatshirt is one of my all time favorite things in the world!

    Great photos and beautiful imagery..


  6. lovely photos! The first one is stunning and rich with color! The words “homemade grape juice” did not pass unnoticed by me. Do you really make your own?
    “Cheerful” is a great word and you have come up with so many wonderful reasons to feel it! So cheers to you!


  7. jennymatlock Says:

    What a rich and lovely textural stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    Your words cast a spell over my imagination…and I saw the home-canned grape juice glowing richly inside the mason jar, and I felt that sweatshirt weather and the wind blowing…and I stopped in homage at the view of that radiant red tree.

    Thank you for linking.

    Your post today felt like a blessing.



  8. Teresa Says:

    I love the pictures, and I can certainly see why these things make you cheerful! Great descriptions at the end also.


  9. Pondside Says:

    That was a good read – cheerful is an outlook – not always easy to maintain, but such a pleasure for those around one.


  10. bkmackenzie Says:

    Love that first picture…just beautiful and it does make me cheerful….lovely…bkm


  11. Some stunning photos here. I am especially impressed by the lightning-sky.
    ‘Cheerful’ is a winderful choice of C-word!
    Best wishes,

    Anna’s Alphabe-Th-C


  12. Anne Says:

    I like these photos a lot! Clever C post and glad I came by. Anne


  13. cheerful is great! I like it so much better than that nasty old D’ word…..


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