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Sunday Scribbling: “Flashback” October 5, 2010

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This weekly prompt comes from the Sunday Scribblings web site. The prompt word for this week was “flashback”.

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Alison peddled her mother’s bike carefully. Her nine-year old legs weren’t long enough to reach the pedals if she sat on the seat, so she stood while she rode. There was also the danger that the flare on her pant legs would get caught in the spokes, bell-bottoms being what they were. So, she rode looking down a lot.  At least her hair didn’t get in her way. It was cut short, very short and layered in the back. But the sides “feathered’, which made it a ‘girl cut’.

She was just completing a circuit and turning around in the driveway of her mother’s best friend when she noticed the approaching neighbor. He was a couple years younger and was riding down the sidewalk on a Big Wheel. His name . . . was Bubba.

Oh no. Here he comes. Maybe I can get turned around fast enough and I won’t have to talk to him. Scary little kid. She tried to turn faster, but she lost her balance and had to stop the turn, putting her foot down on the driveway. She looked up and there he was at the end of the driveway, a six-year old cloud of menace and spite. What kind of name is ‘Bubba’ anyway? He looked up at her, cocked his head sideways, and asked a simple question.

“Are you a boy? Or a girl?”


I haven’t cut my hair that short since.


2 Responses to “Sunday Scribbling: “Flashback””

  1. LeiffyV Says:

    Now that is a memory. If I were Bubba in this day and age I would expect you to get off of that bike and shove it somewhere that is not user friendly, shall we say?

    Great offering!


  2. Old Egg Says:

    Isn’t it strange the memory holds on to such memories? I enjoyed the visit.


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