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(Alphabe-Thursday: B) B is for Betrayal September 29, 2010

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(Note: I am writing this for a blog prompt on Jenny Matlock’s Blog. I missed the letter ‘A’, so I am starting with ‘B’)

B is for Betrayal

“You’re going to hate me,” Tiffany said with a pout, “I just know it.”

Carly, eyebrows raised, looked over at her best friend. “Oh really? And why is that?” Carly waited for a response, but Tifffany sat fidgeting and not talking. Not talking? Tiffany never stops talking. She must be serious. “Tiffany, what happened?”

“Well . . .,” Tiffany stretched out the word, delaying the inevitable. “Mike and I were talking. And, well, we decided that we like each other.” She bit her lip and looked up at Carly through her eyelashes.

Mike?! As in the Mike I am dating?! As in the Mike I have had a crush on for as long as you have known me? That Mike? “So you . . . talked.”  Breathe Carly, breathe.

“Yes. We talked and decided that we wanted to, you know, try out ‘us’.”

Us? What am I supposed to say? I think I’m in shock. And why is she crying?! It’s my life she is destroying. “How?”

Tiffany looked up quickly, brow furrowed. “How? What do you mean how?”

“I mean, how did it get to the point where you two would have this ‘talk’?”

“Oh. I guess I hadn’t told you. I have been going over to their apartment almost every night and hanging out with Mike and his roommates.”

“The nights you and I would go dancing?”

“I would drop you off and go over to his place.” Tiffany was looking at the ground now, softly sniffing.

“And my date nights with Mike?”

“I was at his place when he would come home.”

My best friend and the boy I had wrapped all of my heart into? This has got to be a joke. Are there cameras somewhere?  She knows how much he means . . . meant to me. Is the room spinning?

“Carly? Carly. Say something.” Tiffany slowly reached out and softly touched Carly’s hand.

Carly sat. Her shoulders slumped. “What do you want me to say?”

“Aren’t you mad? Aren’t you going to yell at me?”

Carly looked up at her best friend. “No. I’m not going to yell.” That’s what you want. You want me to yell and scream. Then you can sit back and be self-satisfied that I’m a jerk that doesn’t deserve him and you had every right to take him. No. I will NOT give you that out. You will choke on your guilt. “I don’t own him. I obviously don’t control him.”

“I would have yelled.”

“That’s where we are different.” I am screaming- on the inside. I’m bleeding and breaking and collapsing on the inside. But I won’t give you the satisfaction.

“You are a better person than I am.”

You better believe it. “So you guys had this talk and then he sent you to talk to me?”

“Yeah, because we’re friends.”

“Too bad you two didn’t think about that before you decided I was only worth betrayal. Do me a favor.” Carly stood, wiped imaginary crumbs from her lap, and rubbed the back of her neck.

“Yes?” Tiffany looked up with hope of redemption in her eyes.

“When he betrays you with the next girl – which he will – don’t come crying to me.”


15 Responses to “(Alphabe-Thursday: B) B is for Betrayal”

  1. Ames Says:

    Oh my….I feel like I was eaves dropping. That was a very emotional description of betrayal!~Ames


  2. Pat Says:

    Very well done and excellent punch line at the end. I was cheering for Carly! She is too good for Mike.


  3. Sue Anderson Says:

    Good riddance. Mike and the girlfriend sound like they deserve each other.



  4. tracy Says:

    That was really good . Glad she is not my friend thanks for popping by


  5. Erica Brown Says:

    Alison when can I get the rest of the story??? Great beginning it sucks you right in.


    • alisonmillerwoods Says:

      Thanks Erica! – It isn’t really the start of a story (or anywhere in a story yet). I am just using the alphabet exercises to practice portraying emotion. Hopefully to improve the craft portion of my writing.


  6. Carly is wayyy too good for Mike!


  7. JDaniel4's Mom Says:

    I can’t believe a girl would be willing to do this.


  8. Mumsy Says:

    Ouch..the last line really hits and I hope she listen..


  9. Well, holy moly! Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday. And hooray for us.

    You totally need to write for the meme I do on Saturday’s – Saturday Centus! It is right up your alley and I bet you would be amazing at it.

    This is a wonderful post. I liked your dialogue and the subject matter.

    I was thinking your conclusion all the way through. Cheaters never stop cheating – or at least thinking about it!

    Thank you for linking. This was a great read.



  10. lissa Says:

    I’m thinking this Mike guy doesn’t seem to be worth fighting over or losing a friendship but it’s hard to say when you’re not that any of these three people

    nice story, sounds real

    visiting from Jenny’s Alphabe-Thursday, have a sweet day!


  11. Judie Says:

    Smack her hard, and then take her off your “Friends” list!!


  12. regina Says:

    dear alison,

    i believe you have already honed the craft of writing.


    i believer in your mad writing skills.


  13. Terra Says:

    goodness that was great! Truly enjoyed that.


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