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Perceptions of Beauty June 11, 2010

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In the interest of full disclosure, I want to point out that all the photos in today’s post were taken by my brother, Kevin.- Thanks Kev 😉

I think everyone should try photography. Not that I think that everyone should become “A Photographer”. That’s not what I’m saying – it doesn’t even have to be photography specifically.

There is something that changes in you when you look at your surroundings with the intent to frame it, capture it, or reproduce it in some form.

I have always “taken pictures”  of events and occasions without much thought other than to preserve the memory of the moment. When I changed the way I wanted to take pictures I noticed a change in my behavior.

Even when I wasn’t carrying my camera I was looking around and seeing a difference.

I could look at something I had seen a million times and be awestruck by its beauty. It became easier to appreciate my surroundings. Beauty became not only “things that are new and exotic”, but also “things that are familiar and comfortable.”

As a writer I believe it will become an important asset. To write you must be able to capture a story and describe it. Relaying that beauty is a skill I am still working on developing. You have to see the beauty of something and share it with others. In sharing, it is good to keep in mind that there are different types of beauty. Beauty doesn’t have to be shiny and happy.

There is a sense of poetry on the profound or even the tragic.

I find that a nice, blue sky is . . . boring.

I like clouds.

I think clouds are beautiful and add dimension and depth to a picture. Much in the same way, a story without challenges or dimension is boring.

As a human being I find that being able to appreciate the beauty around me makes me happier.

I can enjoy the breathtaking moments along the journey

rather than just waiting for the view at the summit.


One Response to “Perceptions of Beauty”

  1. Diane Miller Says:

    I loved your poetic thoughts on Kevin’s awesome photos!


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