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Ciabatta bread. April 26, 2010

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I love to bake.

I hate cleaning and laundry with the undying fire of a thousand suns. . .

but I love baking.

I lived in Italy for almost a year and a half and fell in love with the breads. Especially Ciabatta. It is my new goal to lean how to bake it. It takes some planning because you use a biga – a starter – so you can’t just throw the recipe together. The above picture is my second attempt.

The first was frightening. Luckily I have family willing to sacrifice and eat the trial versions.

It still isn’t quite right. The crust is better (yum), but the interior needs to be more open and airy.

I will be trying again!


One Response to “Ciabatta bread.”

  1. Miss Nessa Says:

    I’ll have to look in my old Italian cookbook. I’ve made roasted garlic focaccia before but not ciabatta. Now I want to try!


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