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What makes you return to a book? February 4, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Alison @ 11:50 pm

I recently read the book Fire by Kristen Cashore. If you haven’t read it (or her first novel, Graceling) you really should. I tried to sleep that night, but scenes from the book kept playing in my head.

I had to get up and reread them.  What is it that drives you to reread a book, or parts of a book?

Is it the action scenes? Is it mystery? Is it emotion? Is it dread?

I believe for me it is the characters and emotion. If I am emotionally invested in the characters, then I live their experience through them. The scenes I end up rereading are dialog scenes. Those perfect conversations that make you think ‘Oh, I wish I would have thought to say that.’   The conversations that draw out the emotional ties between characters.

*sigh* and now the real trick. In writing, how do you make your dialog resonate with the reader?


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