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Endings January 25, 2010

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I changed my ending.

I was never really fond of the original ending. But I thought it was necessary because it was the way that my MC (male) would have responded due to his background and childhood. So it sat. And I still didn’t like it much.

I was struck as I went through the revision with a realization.  It may have been how He would have thought it should end, but not my MC (female). The first ending had her respond the way she would have at the beginning of the story, before she had gone through everything and grown.

So, my new ending is how the new She would respond.

I like it better 🙂


One Response to “Endings”

  1. I think that’s sometimes really challenging because at the beginning of the story you plan out how you think these characters will act but it is difficult to take into acocunt how they are going to change.
    Best of luck with your new ending.


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