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Combine to one? October 28, 2009

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October nears its close.  Which means November is around the corner. You may be thinking “So?”  But what November means is NaNoWriMo.  I have been excited for November for a while. Turning over the story beginnings from my writing notebook in my head. It’s like taking samples at the candy counter, you want to make sure it is good before you invest in a whole package.

However, yesterday I was struck by an idea. My WIP – in order to fix some plot issues – needs to go from the ‘two or more books’ to a stand-alone novel.

Can I do that?

Can I condense the plethora of ideas into one book? I’m pretty sure I can, and it will be a richer – more engaging story. And it will have that satisfying moment at the end of a complete finish.

So, now my dilemma. Do I do NaNo, or do I dive into my WIP and work on re-plotting the story there? Hmmmm.



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