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Sunday Scribblings : Cheese September 26, 2009

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If the moon is made of cheese, what would happen if we made a fondue?

Would it be flavored with a sprinkle of Milky Way?

Would it make the sounds of Saturn’s rings?

Would the taste of it make you dream of far-off, exotic places?

I want a moon fondue.


8 Responses to “Sunday Scribblings : Cheese”

  1. floreta Says:

    ah i completely forgot about this aspect of ‘cheese’ 😀 brings back childhood


  2. AGirlNamedMe Says:

    That’s a lot of fondue!
    I’ll help you!


  3. Frances Says:

    I want a moon fondue too.
    Oh how I love a big full moon.
    And how I love your take on the prompt.
    Have a wonderous week


  4. cricket51 Says:

    a moon fondue?? does it come with chocolate? oh, yes of course – you added a milky way!


  5. Me too, me too! I love fondue of the cheesey kind!


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